• February, 2019
  • Time to Get a More Regular Job

    I been doing a lot of soul-searching as I truly enjoy a lifestyle that involves jetting around Asia and other travel destinations. I’ve done a decent job at keeping a good amount of money coming in so I’m not living off of credit cards. But it seems like I always knew in the back of my head that eventually I would need to at least take a few years and settle down somewhere.

    Most of my traveling occurred during the summer and winter breaks. When I wasn’t on the move I was recently in school. I was studying to be a dental assistant.

    It’s not the most exciting of ways to earn a living but it was strangely something I was always interested in. I know it’s much different then what others would assume what interest me as someone with a lot of international experience. However as like many other people I have multiple layers.

    What Did I Study?

    I finally finished my schooling and I am feeling a little of the financial crunch of traveling during my free time and paying for tuition. It only makes sense now to plant some roots and get a job that will earn some steady income.

    I don’t have to make it a career and I don’t have to focus on spending the next 15 years in the first position I fine, but having a nice steady cash flow over the next year or two will allow me to pay off some debt and save up some funds for more adventures. It’s will also hopefully give me some time since I won’t always be shopping for airfare and hotels to plan a better way to live on the go more permanently with out having to always worry about money.

    So now that school is done and I have some plans I thought it would be fairly smooth sailing. Then the realization hit that I need to actually find a job.

    Getting Into the Workforce

    Having not been in the job market for a while this was not the easiest task. Where do you start when you need to find a job? The easiest and most logical place seems to be starting at the beginning, which means getting myself a professional resume.

    I don’t like paying for things that I can do myself so the plan was to do it on my own. But if you haven’t written a resume in a long time it can be a bit confusing. Plus, I never before wrote a resume for this type of position.

    Luckily there is a lot of help online. I found this useful sample dental assistant resume to help me out. It gave me a great template to work with so I didn’t have to start from scratch. Starting with a complete blank white piece of paper would have been very difficult.

    Now that I have stage one set it’s time to actually get into the market and find a new job. Here’s hoping it goes quickly as the longer it takes the more of a chance of me scrapping that idea and Jumping on a plane instead becomes a reality.
  • June, 2018
  • Traveling as a Vegan

    When you live a lifestyle that has a certain set of guidelines or boundaries you try to adhere to, traveling is one of the biggest challenges. It’s easy to carve out daily routines and know where and where not to shop and eat within a certain proximity of your home. But, when you are out and about, you don’t have that luxury.

    It can take a little planning and a lot of luck to stay 100% within your personal rule set when you leave your daily life for vacation or travel. When you head to a new country, it can be even more extreme.

    This is no different for vegans. But, there are ways to make the entire traveling experience a little easier on yourself from the start.

    3 Tips for Vegan Travel

    Here are a few ways to help you stay true to your vegan morals while spending time abroad.

    Sweat the Small Stuff

    Many people focus only on the “big stuff” while heading off on an international trip. That can include making sure your passport is not expired and that you have your hotels situated. In theory, everything else that you may forget can be handled once you arrive at your destination.

    For example, a non-vegan might not care about forgetting deodorant or shampoo because they can just pick up any brand’s product near their hotel. But as a vegan, the small stuff matters.

    One thing to do is make sure you pack a bamboo toothbrush. It’s a vegan friendly and sustainable option and you don’t have to use the cheap ones in the hotel that are made from who knows what.

    By remembering to bring the little things that make you a vegan, you save yourself the stress of trying to find them while in another country.

    Vegetarian is an OK Substitution

    Depending on where you plan to visit, the idea of veganism might not have completely entered the culture. So, finding vegan eateries might be next to impossible.

    But, almost everywhere is familiar with vegetarianism. If you cannot prepare your own meals, and you don’t have easy access to vegan friendly restaurants, bite the bullet and try out some vegetarian places.

    It’s not a perfect solution, but when your options are limited, you have to make tiny sacrifices.

    Might Makes Right

    Some people love solo travel. However, if you are traveling to parts unknown and are vegan. It might be a good idea to go with a group of like-minded individuals.

    The main reason for this is actually two-fold.

    First, small restaurants and other business might be more willing to make small tweaks to their offering for a group for people that bring more money than to an individual who has very little purchasing power.

    Next, as a small group, you may be able to skip restaurants when you’re not having luck and instead head to a market where you can gather vegan friendly ingredients. Then you can prepare you own meals together.

    There are some other reasons too like if one person forgets their cruelty free soap, there should be other in the group who did not.

    In Conclusion

    Traveling while vegan can be a challenge, but it doesn’t mean you should never leave home. With a little preparation and a lot of determination, you should be fine. Go out and explore.
  • May, 2018
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Darts

    Are you a beginner in playing darts but you like it so much that you plan on taking everything to the next level? Are you ready to invest money in a quality dart board and some quality darts that can help you improve your game?

    Well, there is a wide selection available on the market but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all the dartboards available or that all the darts available on the market represent a wise choice. Some of the products available are of a top quality but they don’t match your preferences and your needs, so they still represent a bad investment. This being said, how can you choose the darts that match your needs and your preferences and how can you make an investment that you will not regret? Well, check out the information below and you will find out more about useful tips and tricks. Here is what you need to know.

    1. You need to determine the weight that is right for you. Most darts weigh anywhere between 15 and 50 grams but you will rarely find players who prefer darts weighing more than 30 grams. The speed of your throw is the one that determines the right weight for the darts you use, so guide your choice according to the speed of your throw.

    2. Shape/ grip. It is from the very first throw that will show you what your preferred and what your natural grip is. I know that it is a bit difficult to understand the concept right now but you will understand this once you start throwing. There are all sorts of options available when it comes to the grip, so here are a few examples:

    • If your preferred grip is with two fingers and the thumb, then we recommend you to opt for short barrels.
    • If your grip is wide or can be described as a pencil style grip, then you should opt for a cylindrical barrel.
    • If the hands of the barrels are well moisturized, smooth barrels represent the perfect choice.

    3. Flights. As a beginner, we recommend you to opt for standard flights. As you progress and your game is much improved, you will develop your own preferences. The options are numerous, so check them all out and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

    4. Cost. Keep in mind that expensive darts don’t necessarily mean that you will play better!

    I know that we mentioned a lot of details and I know that it can be overwhelming, but the TripleBullseye.com guide to the best darts to buy will help you make an excellent investment. The professionals at Triple Bulls Eye will share their knowledge and experience with you, so take advantage of this to the fullest. A lot of beginners in darts have chosen to turn their attention to the website mentioned above and managed to make a wise investment, so you should do the same. I know that you will find it easy to opt for the right darts.
  • March, 2018
  • Buying the Right Compass: Things to Keep in Mind

    Getting lost in your local or international travels is something that can easily be resolved by asking people around you. But, what if you are in a place wherein they only speak their native language and you cannot understand them and they cannot understand you as well? What if you are lost in the wilderness during your camping or hiking trips? Yes, mobile phones can already help you out but you will not always assure a signal and a full battery. The right thing to do is navigating with the best compass for survival.

    Compasses have proven their worth for decades and learning how to read one will always benefit you, your family, friends, and anyone else who is with you. Besides, owning one would not impact our life negatively. Nonetheless, when you buy a compass, you must keep some important things in mind so that you will not end up with a useless one.

    Type of Compass

    Compasses that are sold in the market have different designs and features that are based on the needs and lifestyle of users. If you are just starting out or just held a compass during your younger years, then you should always opt for those that have simple designs. That is because of the fact that you will not get confused with all the marks, features, etc.

    However, if you are a person who is into extreme outdoor adventures, then you have to make sure that you have a highly durable and stable compass. On the other hand, if you plan to go hiking in terrains that are too tough, rocky, or have a lot of slopes, then the type of compass that you need is the baseplate version. Generally it usually has a rotating dial and a clear baseplate that is made of plastic.

    Special Features

    A compass that has a housing that is filled with fluid is amongst the best options. You can easily identify this since the needle will be floating in a transparent liquid that is enclosed within the circular face of the device. Such liquid is essential in order to keep the needle moist or wet for it to give more accurate readings and for it to stay still.

    In addition, you must also check if the product that you are about to buy is waterproof. Although you might not plan to go hiking, camping, and the likes in winter or rainy season, there might be a change of mind or you might be surprised because some forested areas will have drizzles. Likewise, you might also be passing through bodies of water unexpectedly that might accidentally wet your compass.

    Final Words

    A compass is a helpful device that can help you get through places that you are not familiar with whether you have your mobile phone or not. However, having one that has low quality as well as one that cannot give you accurate readings will just be a waste of time and money. Hence, you must know your needs as a traveler.
  • December, 2017
  • Xmas Shopping Online

    Holiday shopping for relatives that are spread out all over the globe use to be a major headache. It’s hard enough to choose the right gifts for the right people, but when you add the extra problem of trying to get the gifts delivered, it was downright unbearable.

    Today we have the luxury of global e-commerce. With massive online retailers servings global markets like Amazon and Alibaba, it make holiday shopping so much easier.

    A Real Life Example

    If you read anything on this site, you should know I bounce around a bit in Asia. However, I have relatives that live all over the world. Most of my family is actually located in the USA and Canada.

    Here’s some of the online Xmas shopping I have done this year.

    For Mother

    Moms are both easy and extremely difficult to shop for. They are both very picky, but at the same time the most forgiving when you choose a gift that isn’t a great fit. Most moms are just happy you thought about them.

    That being said, they tend to be hard to shop for. My mother is no different.

    This year, I decided to keep my gifts under $50 for most of my friends and family. I didn’t want to go crazy and I also wanted to kind of make an effort to be more financially responsible with all of my spending.

    What I decided to do instead of going the materialistic route was to go the sentimental route. I feel this avoids the problem of picking the wrong size, color, etc. while still plucking the sentimental string.

    I want to 1-800-Flowers and ordered this cool Christmas birdhouse arrangement.

    It fits all the requirements of keeping my shopping simple, stress free, and low cost.

    For Father

    While moms really like the sentimental gifts in general, I feel dads tend to like small useful gifts that their spouse would never buy. I almost always end up buying my father some kind of tool or accessory. This year is no different.

    My dad likes to chop his own firewood. As he is getting older, he tends to do this with a neighbor.

    I think they just know they can get a little time away from their wives in the winter cold. It’s their form of water cooler talk.

    I looked around and found some really affordable splitting wedges he can use and that I know he doesn’t have yet.

    This also ticks all the boxes of my Xmas shopping plans this year.

    For Everyone Else

    This might sound like a cop out, and in a way it is, but for all of my other friends and relatives that live overseas, I went with the all too easy choice of gift cards.

    They are easy to send as I can even just send digital versions to the more tech savvy of them, and I don’t risk the hassle of getting the wrong thing or getting someone something they already have.

    I can also easily keep my spending to the level I want as I can order cards of $50 denominations and under.

    Best of all, this is incredible easy and doesn’t take much time at all.

    Happy Holidays!

    Xmas shopping for relative in another country does not have to be difficult. Use the power of the Internet and e-commerce to make your life easier. There’s already enough stress around the holidays, so no need to add any more to it.
  • November, 2017
  • My Must Have Travel Accessory

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like to travel I love seeing and learning about new places; learn about the people and their culture. But, at the end of the day, I am just a guest, a visitor.

    While I might learn from different cultures, I am only immersed for a short period of time on each trip. And, there are those moments of being in between my home and other people’s homes. That’s the time of actual travel.

    Some motivational slogans and catchphrases focus on the idea that the travel itself is the exciting point, not the destination. However, the reality is that the travel aspect, the 15-hour drive, the 12-hour flight, etc. are not enjoyable at all.

    I find it’s very important to keep yourself as comfortable as possible during these long travel sessions. The more comfortable you are the better you feel when you arrive. All of that lends to a much better experience when you actually get to where you want to go.

    For me, one of the most important parts of my trip, especially land-based trips like a long car or train ride, is my coffee. If I don’t have my daily hot cup, I am a miserable person to be around.

    Perhaps I should wean myself off, and I would probably be better off by doing so, but I doubt that’s going to happen. I love it too much.

    That being said, when on the go with my trusty Keurig and favorite mug, I need a way to bring my coffee with me. It’s a vice I cannot, or really don’t want to let go.

    I can’t take my coffee mug with me on a long ride though. That would get messy fast, and the coffee would not stay warm very long. Enter, my favorite travel accessory, my 30 oz. Ibex tumbler.

    Yes, you read that right. 30. Ounces. Go big or go home!

    To be perfectly honest, when I am using it for hot coffee, I usually only fill it about 2/3 of the way, or with about 20 ounces. The reason I like the bigger cup is that in the summer I’ll sometimes drink iced coffee. The extra 10 ounces of space gives me room for the ice.

    Now, there’s a very big problem brewing (forgive the pun). I cannot take this tumbler onto airplanes.

    So, while this is my favorite travel accessory for land-based trips, I unfortunately have yet to discover a way to get my gourmet coffee fix in the ait. Airports have some nice cafés. SO I suppose you can order a nice cup of Joe after you get through security and bring it aboard. But, you better drink it fast as those paper cups are going to keep it warm long.

    And, the on board java is gross. I try to avoid that when possible.

    Either way, I would love to security to loosen up a bit. I really enjoy my own coffee in my own cup when I know I have a long boring journey ahead of me before the fun will begin.
  • Finding a Gym While Traveling

    Anyone that loves to workout knows how important routines are. You really start to see physical differences when you get into a grove. No matter if you are trying to lose weight or bulk up, routines win the game.

    But, when you are on the road, it’s hard to keep that up. It’s much easier to find excuses to skip a workout. And, it doesn’t help when you are traveling to a new city or area for the first time and have no idea where to find a gym with day passes.

    3 Ways to Keep Your Pump On Away from Home

    These are probably not the only ways to get a workout in when you don’t have your usual gym nearby, but they are effective.

    Check Your Hotel’s Facilities

    If you get to pick where you are staying, say for vacation, you should be able to shop around and find a hotel with some kind of gym or workout room. But, if you are traveling for business, you might need to stay in a company approved or chosen hotel.

    If you’re lucky, your work will hook you up with nice accommodation. If you’re not, you’ll need to find another option.

    The good news is you should be able to tell before you leave by either checking online or making a quick call.

    Bring it With You

    If your hotel is a no go as far as a gym goes, you can bring your own – kind of. Of course you can’t pack a bench or a squat rack. And, dumbbells are too heavy to carry. But you still have options.

    You can bring a jump rope for some cardio. You can supplement your workout with some body weight work like pushups and planks. And, you can pack a portable telescoping pull up bar.

    Add in some body weight squats and burpees, and you should get enough of a workout to hold you over until you’re home.

    Go Social

    If you don’t have a gym in your hotel and you don’t think body weight work will be enough, you can use your smartphone or computer and hit Facebook. There are all kinds of local groups full of local residents.

    Simply find a few groups dedicated to the city or town your are in, join them, and ask for recommendations for nearby gyms that allow drop in workouts or have day or trial passes. You may even meet a new friend or two.

    It’s a very good idea to try to join some of these groups before you leave for your trip though as some of them take a day or two to accept you.


    If you need to travel, or just want to get out of town, your fitness doesn’t have to suffer. There are always options for getting a good workout in. From using hotel facilities to asking locals on social media where to go for drop in workouts , if you do a little research and planning, you should be fine
  • September, 2017
  • Understanding The High End LED & Lighting Industry

    When it comes to task lighting, it simply doesn’t get anymore useful than your standard flood light. Whether you are looking at standard 60watt outdoor flood lights or something with a bit more power, you are going to find that the choices when it comes to outdoor flood lightsare a bit more numerous than you may have thought they were. Here are a few tips on what sort of lights you might want to consider.

    If you are needing your 60watt outdoor flood lights on for an extended period of time, you can simply place your flood lights on a simple lighting switch. This gives you the power of turning them on and off when you need to or want to.

    Another thing you can do is to accompany the lights with a timer. what this will do is allow you to have the flood lights on for a specific amount of time or at a certain time of the day. This is especially appealing to people who spend a fair amount of time away from home but want it to appear as if people are home.

    Another thing you might want to consider is affixing the 60watt outdoor flood lights to a motion sensor base. This way the lights will come on when the sensor detects motion. This can be used to deter intruders and it can also provide light without the need of having to turn on the lights manually.

    Lastly, you may also use what are known as solar powered flood lights. These lights give you all the benefits of flood lights only they require no electrical power to operate. As you might expect these lights will not come cheap, but considering the electricity they won’t use, if you use your standard 60watt outdoor flood lights a lot, these lights could just pay for themselves in the long run.

    The bottom line is that when it comes to outdoor flood lights, according to Wikipedia, you should do some comparison shopping as well. Check out some reviews, especially on the solar lights. Look for discounts and find out what is considered the best buy for motion sensor lights and times. Doing all of this will ensure you get the best flood lights and flood lights systems your money can buy.
  • Role of Women in China's Economy

    China is one of the largest economies in the world. It is the fastest growing nation in the world with remarkable GDP. The per capital income of China has increased in an unprecedented way in the threshold of the new millennium. With the economic reforms in 1978, the economy of China has undergone a change from the centrally planned economy to the market oriented economy. The economic reforms of China have made overall development of all segments in the country.

    The economy of China is marked by liberalization of prices and fiscal decentralization that had increased the autonomy of the state enterprises and led in the establishment of various private enterprises and foreign companies. Agriculture and industry are the two major sectors of the economy of China. The role of woman in China's economy cannot be over emphasized. Women play an integral role in the economic development of China.

    Talented women are finding the market economy of China more challenging. The thriving economy of China has facilitated equal employment opportunities to men and women. There are certain economic policies, which involve women in the participation of economic development, access the resources of economy and improve the economic and social status.

    The role of woman in China's economy is far reaching, from agricultural workers to those working in logistics due to the high demand of shipping from China to the USA and other heavy importers. The government of China has formulated several policies to help women to take their own business initiative. The government is providing fund support, employment training subsidies as well as small amount loans to encourage women to take active participation in business and achieve success. Various public welfare-jobs, employment centers and vocational training centers have been opened for women to enhance women employment.

    Various female federations and NGOs with support from the government is working extensively for the employment of women. The women federation of China has been able to derive small credit loans for the employment of women in the rural sectors. The women employment rate is fairly good in the current years. The total number of urban and rural women workers crossed three hundred and thirty seven million at the end of 2004.

    With digitization advancing in all spheres, great number of women are entering the computer, finance, insurance and communications industries proving their skills and talents. Women have also showed great entrepreneurial qualities in small and medium concern. Women accounted for 43.6 percent of the total professionals in state-owned enterprises and institutions. With the steady rise in economy the government of China has developed a strong social security system safeguarding women so that they may not be cheated or deprived form their stipulated dues.

    The government provides medical insurance, pension insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance and unemployment insurance to women. The government has also developed a urban social relief system, establishing three funds like basic living guarantee for handicapped women, unemployment guarantee fund and minimum urban living guarantee fund.

    The government of China also provided its support to women in the rural areas. About sixty percent of women in China works for the agricultural sector and farming. The government has taken various steps to advance agriculture by implementing advanced methodologies and applications of science and technology.
  • August, 2017
  • What are the Qualities of the Best Over Ear Headphones?

    Headphones are a massive industry. They are so big that even small industrial cities in certain parts of China and Indonesia would fall on very hard times if the demand for them decreased.

    But, as a consumer, how do you know how to pick the good from the bad?

    Firstly, you need to decide what type you want. For example, let's take a look at over ear headphones. How would a consumer know if they were getting a quality product or a poor copycat Chinese knock off?


    This is very important especially if you’re working out in the gym or just running to get fit. A lot of cheap headphones are very fragile and the ear buds always seem to slip off. The best over ear headphones should have the durability they need. They should not fall off and not be broken easily during moderate activities.

    Sound Quality

    A good bass boost should be heard in the headphones because this will be proof of high-quality components and not cheap ones that will break quickly. The sound quality of these headphones is very clear and the bass is just perfect and balanced.


    The best over ear headphones need to be comfortable. It is very important that the headphones should easily fit you and will not make you look unattractive.

    Resistance to Sweat and Water

    This is indeed one of the most important qualities for over the ear headphones. When we are working, moving around, and even working out, it is very normal that we sweat . The headphones should be able to resist the sweat and can be rinsed in running water. You don’t want to take the sweaty headphones to work or the gym, right?

    You will need to wash them first before putting it in your gym bag or heading to the office.


    The cords should be at least not too long and not too short; it should also be in a single cord to avoid tangles which can really be annoying and distracting. Or, you can go for a Bluetooth model.

    Listed above are some of the qualities you should look for in good over the ear headphones. You should always consider these things when looking and shopping for this type and any type of headphones for you or a friend or loved one. To get the best headphones for your money that can easily accommodate you with your day-today activities, always make sure all of the above aspects are carefully considered.

    It is very important to have good headphones, so why not settle for the best ones instead? Spending a little extra money now will save you from spending more money to constantly replace poor performing headphones or headphones that always break.

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