Role of Women in China's Economy

China is one of the largest economies in the world. It is the fastest growing nation in the world with remarkable GDP. The per capital income of China has increased in an unprecedented way in the threshold of the new millennium. With the economic reforms in 1978, the economy of China has undergone a change from the centrally planned economy to the market oriented economy. The economic reforms of China have made overall development of all segments in the country.

The economy of China is marked by liberalization of prices and fiscal decentralization that had increased the autonomy of the state enterprises and led in the establishment of various private enterprises and foreign companies. Agriculture and industry are the two major sectors of the economy of China. The role of woman in China's economy cannot be over emphasized. Women play an integral role in the economic development of China.

Talented women are finding the market economy of China more challenging. The thriving economy of China has facilitated equal employment opportunities to men and women. There are certain economic policies, which involve women in the participation of economic development, access the resources of economy and improve the economic and social status.

The role of woman in China's economy is far reaching, from agricultural workers to those working in logistics due to the high demand of shipping from China to the USA and other heavy importers. The government of China has formulated several policies to help women to take their own business initiative. The government is providing fund support, employment training subsidies as well as small amount loans to encourage women to take active participation in business and achieve success. Various public welfare-jobs, employment centers and vocational training centers have been opened for women to enhance women employment.

Various female federations and NGOs with support from the government is working extensively for the employment of women. The women federation of China has been able to derive small credit loans for the employment of women in the rural sectors. The women employment rate is fairly good in the current years. The total number of urban and rural women workers crossed three hundred and thirty seven million at the end of 2004.

With digitization advancing in all spheres, great number of women are entering the computer, finance, insurance and communications industries proving their skills and talents. Women have also showed great entrepreneurial qualities in small and medium concern. Women accounted for 43.6 percent of the total professionals in state-owned enterprises and institutions. With the steady rise in economy the government of China has developed a strong social security system safeguarding women so that they may not be cheated or deprived form their stipulated dues.

The government provides medical insurance, pension insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance and unemployment insurance to women. The government has also developed a urban social relief system, establishing three funds like basic living guarantee for handicapped women, unemployment guarantee fund and minimum urban living guarantee fund.

The government of China also provided its support to women in the rural areas. About sixty percent of women in China works for the agricultural sector and farming. The government has taken various steps to advance agriculture by implementing advanced methodologies and applications of science and technology.

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