Time to Get a More Regular Job

I been doing a lot of soul-searching as I truly enjoy a lifestyle that involves jetting around Asia and other travel destinations. I’ve done a decent job at keeping a good amount of money coming in so I’m not living off of credit cards. But it seems like I always knew in the back of my head that eventually I would need to at least take a few years and settle down somewhere.

Most of my traveling occurred during the summer and winter breaks. When I wasn’t on the move I was recently in school. I was studying to be a dental assistant.

It’s not the most exciting of ways to earn a living but it was strangely something I was always interested in. I know it’s much different then what others would assume what interest me as someone with a lot of international experience. However as like many other people I have multiple layers.

What Did I Study?

I finally finished my schooling and I am feeling a little of the financial crunch of traveling during my free time and paying for tuition. It only makes sense now to plant some roots and get a job that will earn some steady income.

I don’t have to make it a career and I don’t have to focus on spending the next 15 years in the first position I fine, but having a nice steady cash flow over the next year or two will allow me to pay off some debt and save up some funds for more adventures. It’s will also hopefully give me some time since I won’t always be shopping for airfare and hotels to plan a better way to live on the go more permanently with out having to always worry about money.

So now that school is done and I have some plans I thought it would be fairly smooth sailing. Then the realization hit that I need to actually find a job.

Getting Into the Workforce

Having not been in the job market for a while this was not the easiest task. Where do you start when you need to find a job? The easiest and most logical place seems to be starting at the beginning, which means getting myself a professional resume.

I don’t like paying for things that I can do myself so the plan was to do it on my own. But if you haven’t written a resume in a long time it can be a bit confusing. Plus, I never before wrote a resume for this type of position.

Luckily there is a lot of help online. I found this useful sample dental assistant resume to help me out. It gave me a great template to work with so I didn’t have to start from scratch. Starting with a complete blank white piece of paper would have been very difficult.

Now that I have stage one set it’s time to actually get into the market and find a new job. Here’s hoping it goes quickly as the longer it takes the more of a chance of me scrapping that idea and Jumping on a plane instead becomes a reality.

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