Buying the Right Compass: Things to Keep in Mind

Getting lost in your local or international travels is something that can easily be resolved by asking people around you. But, what if you are in a place wherein they only speak their native language and you cannot understand them and they cannot understand you as well? What if you are lost in the wilderness during your camping or hiking trips? Yes, mobile phones can already help you out but you will not always assure a signal and a full battery. The right thing to do is navigating with the best compass for survival.

Compasses have proven their worth for decades and learning how to read one will always benefit you, your family, friends, and anyone else who is with you. Besides, owning one would not impact our life negatively. Nonetheless, when you buy a compass, you must keep some important things in mind so that you will not end up with a useless one.

Type of Compass

Compasses that are sold in the market have different designs and features that are based on the needs and lifestyle of users. If you are just starting out or just held a compass during your younger years, then you should always opt for those that have simple designs. That is because of the fact that you will not get confused with all the marks, features, etc.

However, if you are a person who is into extreme outdoor adventures, then you have to make sure that you have a highly durable and stable compass. On the other hand, if you plan to go hiking in terrains that are too tough, rocky, or have a lot of slopes, then the type of compass that you need is the baseplate version. Generally it usually has a rotating dial and a clear baseplate that is made of plastic.

Special Features

A compass that has a housing that is filled with fluid is amongst the best options. You can easily identify this since the needle will be floating in a transparent liquid that is enclosed within the circular face of the device. Such liquid is essential in order to keep the needle moist or wet for it to give more accurate readings and for it to stay still.

In addition, you must also check if the product that you are about to buy is waterproof. Although you might not plan to go hiking, camping, and the likes in winter or rainy season, there might be a change of mind or you might be surprised because some forested areas will have drizzles. Likewise, you might also be passing through bodies of water unexpectedly that might accidentally wet your compass.

Final Words

A compass is a helpful device that can help you get through places that you are not familiar with whether you have your mobile phone or not. However, having one that has low quality as well as one that cannot give you accurate readings will just be a waste of time and money. Hence, you must know your needs as a traveler.

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