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Holiday shopping for relatives that are spread out all over the globe use to be a major headache. It’s hard enough to choose the right gifts for the right people, but when you add the extra problem of trying to get the gifts delivered, it was downright unbearable.

Today we have the luxury of global e-commerce. With massive online retailers servings global markets like Amazon and Alibaba, it make holiday shopping so much easier.

A Real Life Example

If you read anything on this site, you should know I bounce around a bit in Asia. However, I have relatives that live all over the world. Most of my family is actually located in the USA and Canada.

Here’s some of the online Xmas shopping I have done this year.

For Mother

Moms are both easy and extremely difficult to shop for. They are both very picky, but at the same time the most forgiving when you choose a gift that isn’t a great fit. Most moms are just happy you thought about them.

That being said, they tend to be hard to shop for. My mother is no different.

This year, I decided to keep my gifts under $50 for most of my friends and family. I didn’t want to go crazy and I also wanted to kind of make an effort to be more financially responsible with all of my spending.

What I decided to do instead of going the materialistic route was to go the sentimental route. I feel this avoids the problem of picking the wrong size, color, etc. while still plucking the sentimental string.

I want to 1-800-Flowers and ordered this cool Christmas birdhouse arrangement.

It fits all the requirements of keeping my shopping simple, stress free, and low cost.

For Father

While moms really like the sentimental gifts in general, I feel dads tend to like small useful gifts that their spouse would never buy. I almost always end up buying my father some kind of tool or accessory. This year is no different.

My dad likes to chop his own firewood. As he is getting older, he tends to do this with a neighbor.

I think they just know they can get a little time away from their wives in the winter cold. It’s their form of water cooler talk.

I looked around and found some really affordable splitting wedges he can use and that I know he doesn’t have yet.

This also ticks all the boxes of my Xmas shopping plans this year.

For Everyone Else

This might sound like a cop out, and in a way it is, but for all of my other friends and relatives that live overseas, I went with the all too easy choice of gift cards.

They are easy to send as I can even just send digital versions to the more tech savvy of them, and I don’t risk the hassle of getting the wrong thing or getting someone something they already have.

I can also easily keep my spending to the level I want as I can order cards of $50 denominations and under.

Best of all, this is incredible easy and doesn’t take much time at all.

Happy Holidays!

Xmas shopping for relative in another country does not have to be difficult. Use the power of the Internet and e-commerce to make your life easier. There’s already enough stress around the holidays, so no need to add any more to it.

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